Why AutoSelect™?

Extensive research shows that a sales customer is 9 times more likely to be loyal if they believe they are dealing with talented employees at a dealership. This compelling evidence cannot be ignored – the loyalty of your current and future customers depends on it.

To assist you in harnessing this competitive advantage, StoneEagle and Evolve Performance Group have designed a dealer-friendly program for recruiting, selecting, and onboarding more talented team members. With the help of this program and the associated tools, you'll be able to hire and retain highly talented team members who will, in turn, earn the loyalty of your customers and accelerate the profitability of your business!

The AutoSelectTM Solution

AutoSelectTM tools allow store-level managers to easily select and equip the right employees to deliver on the dealership's brand promises. The AutoSelectTM approach integrates five core components:


Most dealers recruit team members by posting ads in a variety of locations – Craigslist, Monster.com, local newspapers, etc. The AutoSelect™ program assists dealers in building a more thoughtful recruiting strategy. The Enrollment Kit will include ideas for recruiting from sources that may not have been considered in the past, recruiting best practices, and templates that will help guide the dealer to seek out a different caliber of team member.

Web-Based Selection Assessment

Candidates that are applying for a position with the dealership will complete an online talent-based assessment. This assessment will determine the candidate's probability of success in the job for which they are applying. Hiring managers then have access to easy-to-use reporting on each applicant. This reporting identifies the fit to role of each candidate as red, yellow, or green. 

AutoSelectTM Web-Based Selection Assessments include:

  • Sales Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Service Consultant
  • Service Manager
  • Professional Associate
  • F&I Manager

Employment Brand

Many Fortune 500 companies concentrate on building a clear and precise employment brand that assists them in recruiting top talent. Just as your customers make their decision to purchase or service with you, candidates make a decision to come to work at your dealership based upon their perception of what you stand for. They want to work at a place that they can be proud of. The Enrollment Kit will include an Employment Branding workbook and checklist with helpful tips on items that will help make your dealership an "employer of choice" for those you're trying to recruit.


So, you've selected and hired talented new team members. What's next? You likely have some basic product and systems training that you require of them. However, more important than any type of training is establishing a relationship with the manager that they will be reporting to. The Enrollment Kit will include an onboarding guide that will assist in starting off on the right foot with new team members.

Ongoing Accountability - Contracting for Performance

AutoSelect's Contracting for Performance guide helps managers remain accountable for the growth and performance of their employees. This tool should be used quarterly to help track the employee's progress, monitor growth, and encourage continuous improvement and open communication.

How is AutoSelect™ different?

With the help of industry-leader StoneEagle, this program's analytics link the research back to business outcomes like dollars per repair order, dollars per new and used retail vehicle, and Client Engagement. Customized training platforms are developed based on data-driven recommendations to drive impact throughout each dealership, where employees interact with customers all day, every day.

With the support of AutoSelect's tools and training, dealerships will make wise investments in future employees with knowledge, certainty, and support. To speak with an AutoSelectTM representative about our program, click here to contact us or email info@easyautoselect.com.